This Indian tech firm will be fined Rs 1 lakh for disturbing a worker on leave

Many employees in the corporate sector complain that despite being on leave, many times they have to answer calls, emails or messages related to the company. This spoils their holiday. An Indian firm has taken note of this problem and has arranged vacations for its staff without any hindrance.

The firm is Dream 11 and has implemented an interesting policy ‘Dream 11 Unplugged’ to solve this problem. Under this policy, the staff of the firm will be completely cut off from office work and related messages, emails or calls for a week. Apart from this, no colleague will be able to disturb the employee who is on leave. Dream 11 explained in a LinkedIn post, “At Dream 11 we virtually unplug staff from every possible communication platform, be it Slack, email and WhatsApp groups. This allows the employee to have no work-related contact while on leave.” is not done.”

The firm says that it understands that spending time with loved ones or relaxing on vacation can affect employee’s mood and mood. Productivity Can help a lot in improving. It has been told in a media report that this sports tech Company The founders have decided that if a colleague contacts an employee on such leave, he will have to pay a fine of about one lakh rupees. Under this policy of the firm, everyone from senior executives to new employees will be signed out of the firm’s system for a week every year.

The founders of the firm say that this policy will also ensure that there is no excessive dependence of the firm on any one worker. In many companies abroad, workers are not disturbed while they are on leave. However, the situation is different in India and often workers have to answer calls or messages related to their firm even while on leave. Many times action is also taken against the workers for not getting the reply from their side.

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