This player of Team India will prove to be the biggest enemy for Africa, the result of the series will reverse!

Team India: The 5-match T20 series between South Africa and India is going to start from June 9. The biggest enemy of South Africa has suddenly returned in Team India. There is an atmosphere of fear in the South African team after hearing the news of this player’s play. This player will be the most dangerous player of this T20 International series, which will become the era of South Africa’s team, that too for sure. This player can win matches and series for India on his own.

Sudden entry of this dangerous player in Team India

In the T20 International series against South Africa, there has been a sudden return of its most dangerous player in Team India, due to which the South African team is in panic. This match winner is none other than India’s star leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal. Yuzvendra Chahal is one of the most dangerous spinners in the world on Indian pitches, who blew up the batsmen of the opposing team. Yuzvendra Chahal holds the record of taking 68 wickets in 54 T20 International matches.

Fear spread in South African team

In the recently played IPL 2022 season, Yuzvendra Chahal won the Purple Cap by taking the highest 27 wickets. Yuzvendra Chahal will now wreak havoc in the T20 International series against South Africa. Yuzvendra Chahal has won many T20 International matches for Team India on his own. Yuzvendra Chahal proves to be a period for the batsmen of the opposing team in T20 International. Avoiding Yuzvendra Chahal is not only difficult but impossible for South African batsmen. Yuzvendra Chahal has a deadly variety of leg spin.

many arrows in the quiver

Yuzvendra Chahal has played his danka in the whole world on the basis of his status. For a long time, Yuzvendra Chahal has made a different place in Team India on the strength of his bowling. Every arrow is present in Yuzvendra Chahal’s quiver, which can smash the opposing team. He has proved to be the biggest match winner for Team India. He has made a different place in the hearts of Indian fans. Everyone is well aware of his killer bowling.

Wrecked havoc for India in ODI and T20 formats

Yuzvendra Chahal plays for India in ODI and T20 formats. Yuzvendra Chahal has taken 104 wickets in 61 ODIs and 68 wickets in 54 T20 Internationals. Yuzvendra Chahal has taken 166 wickets in 131 IPL matches.

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