This wireless robot with 1.2-hectare range will automatically cut grass in a single charge

The Kumar Wireless Robot Lawn Mower has been introduced which can cover an area of ​​12,000 square meters (1.2 ha). The Mamotion Kumar Wireless Robot Lawn Mower is designed for commercial use. The robot’s ultrasonic radar enables it to avoid colliding with an obstruction. Kumar was showcased during spoga+gafa 2022 in Cologne, Germany.

Kumar is back with a Kickstarter campaign for the LUBA lawn mower, which has over 2,000 backers. LUBA is a wireless robotic lawn mower that costs $2,499. It has an all-wheel drive system. In terms of range, there is a range of 5,000 square meters (0.5ha) on a single charge. Its ultrasonic radar provides LUBA a 220-degree field of view and excellent obstacle avoidance. In terms of availability, both KUMAR and LUBA will be sold through Amazon.

The Mammotion KUMAR is a more powerful robot lawn mower than the LUBA. Its limit is more than double that of LUBA. It is best for commercial use. It can mow large lawns, parks, river banks and other large areas. It is equipped with GPS-RTK satellite positioning system and boundary setting capability. It has 4 ultrasonic radars to enhance its Obstacle Evidence capability. KUMAR has two 24Ah batteries and the company says that the device is 7 times cheaper than a regular lawn mower.

Talking about the price, there is no information about the price of Motion Kumar Robot Lawn Mower yet. On the other hand, when it comes to availability, its information is not yet available. Mammotion has not announced a release date for Innovative Kumar.

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