Those watching TV for hours should be careful, there is a big deadly danger looming

Even today, TV is considered to be the biggest means of entertainment all over the world. Watching TV has been a part of people’s life. If you have been watching TV for a long time, then now it should be reconsidered. According to new research, long-term TV viewing may increase the risk of coronary heart disease, regardless of one’s genetics. Research by a team from Cambridge University and Exvert from the University of Hong Kong states that watching TV for less than 1 hour every day can prevent coronary heart disease by 11 percent.

According to health experts, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the most important causes of coronary artery disease. Simply put, instead of being physically active, sitting for long periods of time increases the risk of heart disease. The researchers looked at data from UK Biobank to show that high screen use and low physical activity, high computer use were associated with a person’s risk of coronary heart disease.

For their paper, published in the journal BMC Medicine, the researchers scored the polygenic risk score for each of the more than 500,000 people whose data they checked. A polygenic risk score describes how a typical individual’s risk compares to others with a different genetic constitution. Dr. Youngwon Kim, an assistant professor and researcher at the University of Hong Kong, said that research could play an important role in the prevention of coronary heart diseases by watching less TV.

The researchers found that people who watched more than 4 hours of TV per day had the greatest risk of heart disease, regardless of their polygenic risk score. Compared to these individuals, the rate of developing this disease was generally 6 percent lower in those who watched TV for two to three hours a day. The rate for those watching TV for less than 1 hour was generally lower at 16 percent. The combination of these factors and other risk factors were independent, the researchers said, adding that leisure-time computer use did not affect disease risk.

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