Thousands of workers may be laid off in Google, review system will be strict for staff

A new performance review system is being implemented for workers in Google related to Internet search. This will put a large number of workers at risk of getting low performance ratings. Fewer workers will be able to achieve higher ratings as compared to previous years. The new review system will be implemented from next year.

A CNBC report states that Google estimates that six percent of the company’s full-time workers will fall into the low-ranking category. This will increase the risk for their job. Although, company Can give such workers a chance to improve. In the current system of the company, only two per cent of the workers get the lower ranking. Google The challenge for the staff will increase as even high ranking workers will have to strive to move up in ratings. Google estimates that only 22 percent of workers will fall into the top two categories. In the current system, this figure is around 27 per cent.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai recently expressed the possibility of layoffs in a meeting of the company. If the bottom 6 percent of workers are fired from Google, then this number can be up to 10,000 workers. In the tech sector in America, many companies have laid off in the last few months. These include Meta, Amazon and Twitter. Billionaire Elon Musk laid off nearly half of the company’s workers last month after taking over the microblogging site Twitter. Meta, which runs the social media site Facebook, has also cut a large number of staff.

In India, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) imposed a penalty of around Rs 1,338 crore on Google in October for abusing its dominant position with respect to Android mobile devices. Along with this, Google was ordered to stop such business methods and avoid them. Google has challenged the CCI order in the Appellate Tribunal NCLAT. A Google spokesperson said, “We’ve decided to appeal the CCI order on Android. We believe this is a big blow to our Indian users and businesses who rely on Android’s security features.”

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