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Tim paine to be removed from test captaincy in 2018 says cricket Australia chief

Sydney. Cricket Australia (CA) president Richard Freudenstein on Saturday admitted that the board had taken a decision after a preliminary inquiry into the matter of sending lewd messages to a female colleague. Tim Paine He had made a mistake by not releasing him from Test captaincy. Tim Paine decided to step down from captaincy on Friday, expressing regret for sending an obscene picture and lewd message to a female colleague. He decided to leave the captaincy before the Ashes series, on which many people expressed surprise.

This case is of 2017 and after which cricket australia And he got a clean chit in the investigation of Cricket Tasmania. Tim Pan He was appointed the captain of the Test team in place of Steve Smith in 2018 following a ball-tampering controversy during the tour of South Africa. “While the code of conduct (now) is appropriate, it is important to note that a lot of things have changed with the passage of time,” Freudenstein said.

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“I can’t talk about the 2018 decision, I wasn’t there but I’m saying based on the facts,” Freudenstein said in a joint press conference with CA chief executive Nick Hockley. does not decide.’ “I accept that that decision clearly sent the wrong message that this behavior is acceptable and will not have serious consequences,” he said. The role of the captain of the Australia cricket team should be of the highest standard.

According to media reports, a female employee of Cricket Tasmania has claimed that Tim Paine sent her obscene messages with his lewd picture. That woman had left the job in 2017 itself.

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