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After the return of cricket to the Commonwealth, the discussion about the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics has intensified. The International Olympic Committee will review the inclusion of eight other sports, including cricket, in the 2028 edition of the Olympics. The Olympic Games in 2028 will be held in Los Angeles. The organizing committee of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics has asked the ICC to present its side. The final decision on whether to include cricket in the Olympics will come in 2023. Cricket has been included in the 2022 Commonwealth Games due to the efforts of the ICC and the England Cricket Board.

Apart from cricket, these 8 sports can be included
Apart from cricket, eight other sports could be included in the 2028 edition of the Olympics and the IOC is reviewing them. Baseball, flag football, break dancing, karate, kickboxing, squash, lacrosse and motorsport may be included. The Olympic Committee said in February that the 2028 Olympic Games would include a total of 28 sports with a focus on youth. Regarding the inclusion of new sports, the committee had said that it has to be seen whether the new sports fit in the Olympics or not.

Cricket’s bumper craze in Commonwealth
ICC believes that cricket should be included in the Olympics. ICC CEO Geoff Allardyce has said that the craze and attraction of cricket has been the most in the Commonwealth Games. He added that playing in multisports events has also been a thrill for the players. However, only women’s cricket has been included in the Commonwealth Games. The Olympics is expected to include both women’s and men’s cricket. The ICC is quite confident about cricket’s global outreach.

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