Today in IPL 2023, RR will compete with RCB, Chennai-Kolkata will also clash, know how 4 teams can reach the playoffs?


Two matches will be played on Sunday in IPL 2023
The picture of the playoffs of the four teams will be clear

New Delhi. In IPL 2023, double header ie two matches will be played on Sunday. In the first match of the day, Rajasthan Royals will face Royal Challengers Bangalore in Jaipur, while Kolkata Knight Riders will face Chennai Super Kings at Chepauk Stadium in the late evening. A day earlier, Delhi Capitals were out of the playoff race after losing to Punjab Kings. But, RCB, Royals, CSK and KKR still remain in the race and Sunday’s match is important for them. In such a situation, we will know what these 4 teams have to do to reach the playoffs?

First thing about Rajasthan Royals, who occupied the fifth position in the points table. Royals have 12 points in 12 matches and their net run rate is 0.633. If Rajasthan has to reach the playoffs, then it will have to focus on winning both the matches. If Royals lose to RCB on Sunday. So the team will finish the league stage with a maximum of 14 points. In such a situation, Rajasthan Royals will have to depend on the results of many more teams to reach the playoffs.

Rajasthan will have to win both the matches
Rajasthan Royals can still reach the playoffs with 14 points even without the support of net run rate. At the same time, five other teams can also close the doors for Rajasthan Royals by finishing the league stage with 15 or more points. Rajasthan’s net rain (0.633) is the best after Gujarat Titans (0.761). In such a situation, when many teams have equal points, then this will come in handy.

On the other hand, if Rajasthan Royals defeats both Bangalore and Punjab, then it will be almost certain to qualify for the playoffs. Because Rajasthan has to play its last 2 matches against such teams, who have to win their last matches to reach 16 points.

There can be a fight between Mumbai and Rajasthan for the fourth position.
If Gujarat Titans, Chennai Super Kings and Lucknow Super Giants finish the league stage with 16 or more points. So it is possible that there will be a fight for the fourth position between the Royals and the Mumbai Indians. But in that case Royals will beat Mumbai Indians on the basis of net run rate. Currently, the net run rate of Mumbai Indians is (-0.117).

How can RCB reach the playoffs?
Royal Challengers Bangalore has 10 points in 11 matches and has a net run rate of (-0.345). The situation of RCB is also like Rajasthan. He will have to win all his remaining three matches to reach 16 points. But, the problem for RCB is that they will have to win all the three matches consecutively. If Bangalore loses to Rajasthan on Sunday, they will almost be out of the playoff race.

Even if they win their last two matches again and finish the league stage with 14 points. That’s why. Because three teams – Gujarat Titans, Super Kings, and at least one of the Super Giants or Mumbai Indians – will finish the league stage with more than 14 points and the Royals’ NRR will ensure that they stay above the rest.

It is necessary for Bangalore to win all three matches
Even if Royal Challengers Bangalore win all their remaining three matches, the screw of the playoff may get stuck on the net run rate. Because 6 teams Gujarat Titans, CSK, Super Giants, Mumbai Indians, RCB and Punjab Kings can finish the league stage with 16 or more points.

What will CSK have to do?
Chennai Super Kings have 15 points in 12 matches and their net run rate is 0.493. CSK has to face KKR on Sunday. After this, he will have a fight with Delhi Capitals. If the Chennai team defeats Kolkata, then the playoff ticket will be confirmed. But, even after this victory, it is not certain that CSK will remain in the top-2. Because Gujarat Titans, Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants can also reach 17 or more points.

Even if CSK loses to KKR on Sunday, Chennai Super Kings will have a chance to reach 17 points by winning the match against Delhi Capitals. However, if CSK loses both the matches then it will have to rely on the results of other teams. Because then four teams can finish the league stage with 16 or more points.

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How is KKR’s playoff equation?
Kolkata Knight Riders have 10 points in 12 matches and the net run rate is -0.357. Kolkata’s road to the playoffs is difficult. Kolkata can reach maximum 14 points by winning their last two matches. Despite this, he will have to depend on the results of other teams. For him, the situation of if-but is the highest.

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The best scenario for KKR to reach the playoffs is that Gujarat Titans win their last two matches, RCB beat Rajasthan Royals on Sunday, but then lose their last two matches, Super Giants and Royals also lose their last two matches Let and finally Punjab Kings also lose to Delhi Capitals in the match to be held on Wednesday. Then Titans, Super Kings and Mumbai Indians will reach the playoffs and Punjab Kings and KKR will compete for the fourth place with 14 points.

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