Today is the last chance to buy Tata’s car cheaply, it will become expensive by 26 thousand from November 7

If you are thinking of buying a Tata Motors car, then this news is very useful for you. The company is going to increase the prices of its cars. The company said in a statement that it is going to increase the prices of its cars from November 7. The company has also told about the increase in prices, according to which Tata cars are going to be costlier by 0.9%. On the matter of increasing the price of the car, the company says that the overall cost of making the vehicles has increased, so it has become necessary to increase the prices. We are telling you which Tata car is going to be expensive by how much rupees after 7th November.

Tata Motors It is going to increase the prices of all its cars by an average of 0.9 percent. The new prices will be applicable from November 7. We are telling you how much the price of which car is going to increase.

Tata Tiago
Tata Tiago price is going to increase from Rs.6400 to Rs.8800. Its petrol and CNG variants come in Rs 6.42 lakh and Rs 8.88 lakh respectively. At the same time, the price of its EV model will increase from Rs 8,800 to Rs 12,500. This price has been calculated according to an increase of 0.9 percent on the introductory price.

Tata Nexon
The company’s Tata Nexon also comes in two engine variants. It is available in diesel and petrol engine variants. This was the first model from the company which was first introduced as an electric car. This car of the company is also quite popular in the Indian market. There has been talk of an increase in its petrol variant from Rs 8800 to Rs 15000. The price of diesel variants can increase from 11,500 to 14,000. Similarly, the price of its electric models will also increase from 16 thousand to 19 thousand rupees.

The company’s SUVs are also going to be expensive. in this Tata Harrier And Tata Safari The company has popular SUVs. The price of Tata Harrier is going to increase from Rs 16 thousand to Rs 26000, which will be decided according to the model. At the same time, the price of Tata Safari has been said to increase from Rs 17,000 to Rs 26,000. So if you want to buy these Tata cars at an affordable price, then today is the last chance for such customers.

Even before this, the company had increased the prices of its cars in July. At that time the prices were increased at the rate of 0.55% across all the models. The company launched its cheapest electric car in September. Tata Tiago EV Launch It was It starts from Rs.8.49 lakhs onwards. The car has a range of 315 kilometers in a single charge.

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