Told a friend in childhood, ‘I will become a big man and marry an actress’, each and every thing turned out to be true, who is that cricketer?


Shalaj has also learned the art of cricket from coach Rajkumar Sharma.
Shalaj’s mother revealed in RCB’s video

New Delhi. Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, is rocking the bat in the 16th season of the IPL. Kohli, playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore, has scored 5 half-centuries in the current IPL. Born in Delhi, Virat learned the art of cricket from coach Rajkumar Sharma. RCB has shared a video on social media, in which there are some special things related to Virat Kohli related to his childhood, which his fans might not know. Kohli’s childhood dream was to marry an actress and play for Team India.

In the video shared by RCB on its official Twitter handle, the mother of Kohli’s friend Shalaj is telling how Virat had dreamed of marrying an actress at a young age. Along with Virat, Shalaj also used to go for cricket coaching from coach Rajkumar Sharma. Shalaj has shared a childhood scrap book in the video in which Virat had written that he wants to play for India.

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