Top 10 Two Wheelers Dec 2022: Hero Splendor wins again, this TVS bike got the last place

Hero Splendor and Hero HF Delux have emerged as the top selling two-wheelers in India in December 2022. Both these two-wheelers were the best-selling vehicles in the last month of 2022. Splendor sold 2,25,443 units here. With this, it remained the best selling bike with 25.45% market share. Talking about year on year (YoY) growth, it has suffered a loss here. Which is 0.58%. During the same period last year, 2,26,759 units of Splendor were sold. Let us tell you which two-wheelers were among the top selling bikes of December 2022.

in December 2022 Top Selling Two-Wheelers Hero HF Deluxe has got the second place. That is, this is the second bike of Hero which has captured the second position. 24,675 units have been sold more this time. It has gained 29.70% in year on year growth. Rushleen’s Report According to , its market share was 12.16%. honda activa Ranked third in this list. It sold 96,451 units during this period. Market share stood at 10.89%. It had sold 1,04,417 units during the same period last year. But still it is one of the popular scooters sold in India.

The fourth number comes in the list of CB Shine. It has achieved year on year growth of 28.94 percent this time. This time 19,699 units of the two-wheeler have been sold more. Pulsar has come at the fifth position, which achieved an year-on-year growth of 15.09 percent. This time, more than 10,000 units of the motorcycle have been sold. Its unit sales figure stood at 74,768. Next place in the list i.e. number six Jupiter has achieved. Year on year growth of this two-wheeler has increased by 4.48 percent in December 2022. Last year it sold 38,142 units. This time this figure has been said to be around 40 thousand.

The next number in the top selling two-wheelers comes from Bajaj Platina. This bike is in seventh place. This time Platina sold 36,157 units which has decreased from 44.8 thousand. It has suffered a loss of 8,643 units. It has suffered a loss of 19.29 percent in year on year growth. The next number was Suzuki Access which is at 8th position. Last year, 25,358 units of this motorbike were sold, which has increased to more than 30 thousand this time. TVS Raider is at number 9, which has sold 15 thousand more units this time. This year, about 26 thousand units of this bike have been sold. TVS XL 100 has got the 10th number in the list of top 10. It has got damaged this time. Where it sold 33,395 units last year, this time around 26,000 units have been sold.

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