Top 10 Two Wheelers Feb 2023 hero splendor top the chart while tvs raider comes 10th place

Hero Splendor has won the top two-wheelers in India in February 2023. Splendor sold 2,88,605 units here. With this, it remained the best selling bike with 34.78% market share. Talking about Year on Year (YoY) growth, here it has gained 48.97%. During the same period last year, 1,93,731 units of Splendor were sold. Let us tell you which two-wheelers were the top selling vehicles of February 2023.

in February 2023 Top Selling Two-Wheelers second place in honda activa Why is it? It sold 1,74,503 units during this period. Market share stood at 21.03%. Rushleen’s Report According to , it had sold 1,45,317 units during the same period last year. Pulsar has come at the third place in the list. This time 80,106 units of Pulsar have been sold. While last year during this period this figure was 54,951. This bike has got an year on year growth of 45.78 percent. The fourth number comes in the list of HF Delux. It has achieved year on year growth of 25.86 percent this time, which is in loss as compared to last year. This time 19,637 units of the two-wheeler have been sold less.

Jupiter is at the fifth position in the list, which achieved an year-on-year growth of 14.44 percent. Its 6,799 more units have been sold. Its unit sales figure stood at 53,891. The next place in the list i.e. the sixth number has been achieved by Access. Year on year growth of this two-wheeler has increased by 7.15 percent in February 2022. Last year it sold 37,512 units. This time this figure has been told as 40,194.

The next number in the top selling two-wheelers comes from CB Shine. This bike is in seventh place. This time, it sold 35,594 units, down from 2,682 units. It has achieved a figure of 56.43 percent in year on year growth. The next number was XL 100 which is at 8th position. This motorbike sold 35,848 units last year, which has increased to less than 502 this time. This time its 35,346 units have been sold. Apache is at number 9, which has sold 18,529 more units this time. TVS Raider has got the 10th number in the list of top 10. This time it has been beneficial. Where it sold 14,744 units last year, this time it sold 30,346 units.

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