Top 50 best-selling two-wheelers and electric scooters in November 2022, Hero becomes number 1

The Indian market is one of the largest two-wheelers in the world. In the last month i.e. November 2022, the sales of two-wheelers have increased by 19.75 percent on a year-on-year basis. Compared to 9,88,634 units sold in November 2021 last year, 11,83,904 units have been sold this year, which is 1,95,270 units more.

Like the past few months, Hero Splendor was once again the best selling model. Splendor sales stood at 2,52,875 units in November 2022, up 40.34 percent from 1,80,191 units sold in November 2021, with a share of 21.36 percent.

Honda Activa was at number two in the list of Top 50 Two-Wheelers in November 2022 with sales of 1,75,084 units in November 2022, which was 41.10 percent more than 1,24,082 units sold in November last year. 51,002 more. Activa secured 14.79 percent share in this list. The Honda Activa was also the best selling scooter in the top 10 scooters in November 2022 with a market share of 47.38 percent.

Top 50 Two-Wheeler Sales November 2022
Honda CB Shine saw a growth of 37.48 percent in sales year-on-year. Sales increased from 83,622 units in November 2021 to 1,14,965 units in November 2022, an increase of 31,343 units. At number four is the HF Deluxe, which has a 14.54 per cent drop in numbers this year at 65,074 units sold as compared to 76,149 units sold in November 2021. Suzuki Access sales stood at 48,113 units as against 42,481 units sold in November last year, a growth of 13.26 per cent. TVS Jupiter, on the other hand, saw a year-on-year growth of 7.44 percent.

Bajaj Pulsar 125 saw a growth of 6.76% as compared to 42,311 units sold in November 2021, with 45,173 units sold this year. The new Platina 110 ABS is also included in this list. The list also includes Honda CB Unicorn 150 which is 28,729 units in November 2022 with an increase of 84.69 percent. TVS Apache sold 27,122 units, down 5.19 percent year-on-year, as against 28,608 units sold last year.

TVS Raider registered a growth with 26,997 units sold, RE Classic 350 also led with 26,702 units sold, Hero Pleasure sold 19,739 units. At the same time, Ntorq sold 17,003 units with a decline of 11.24 percent, which was 19,157 units from November last year. Honda Dio sold 16,102 units with a growth of 88.95.

Hunter sales stood at 15,588 units. Destini sold 15,411 units, Pulsar 150 sold 13,557 units, Pulsar 160-200 sold 13,535 units and Super Splendor sold 12,713 units. Whereas RayZR sales declined by 12.55 percent to 10,795 units.

Electric scooter sales November 2022
TVS iQube electric scooter sales grew by 1338.63 percent year-on-year to 10,056 units from just 699 units in November 2021. Ather 450x sales were 8,036 units and Bajaj Chetak sales were 3,346 units. Okinawa Praise Pro sold 2,549 units. No information on sales of Ola electric scooter, but according to retail sales data, 16,306 units were sold in November 2022.

In this list, units of Fascino have been sold at 9,801 units, Burgman at 8,803 units, Radeon at 8,452 units, Bullet 350 at 8,211 units, FZ at 7,988 units, Meteor at 7,694 units and R15 at 7,427 units. 7,402 units of Glamour, 6,335 units of MT15, 6,089 units of Livo, 5,231 units of Avenis and 4,613 units of Dream were sold.

The Bullet Electra saw a decline of 2.04 per cent with 4,170 units as compared to 4,257 units sold in November 2021. CT110 sales declined by 73.41 percent to 3,509 units. Vespa 125, Himalayan, H’ness CB350, Zest, Passion, Pep+, Star City, Grazia along with Praise Pro have also fallen in sales year on year.

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