Toyota made production record in November, strong demand for company’s vehicles

Global automobile company Toyota Motor has set a production record in November. Strong demand for the company’s vehicles is a major reason for this. However, Toyota has expressed the possibility of affecting sales in the coming months due to reasons such as shortage of semiconductors and increasing cases of Corona in China.

Toyota produced 8,33,104 vehicles in November. This is an increase of about 1.5 per cent over the same month last year. Its global sales stood at 7,96,484 units with a growth of 2.9 percent. company is witnessing strong demand in markets such as North America. to the automobile industry semiconductors And due to the shortage of other components, difficulties are being faced. Re-increasing cases of corona in China is also a big challenge for this industry. Earlier last month, Toyota had reduced its production target for the current financial year.

Recently, the company’s President Akio Toyoda had said about electric vehicles that he feels that the strategy of only electric vehicles is not right. However, automobile companies are not talking much about it as EV is a trend. Toyota’s new Prius hybrid will come with more power, acceleration and driving range. Its design has also been made attractive in advance. The sale of this car will soon be started in Japan and then in America. Its plug-in version will be launched next year.

Simon Humphries, senior general manager of Toyota’s design unit, told TOI that there is a big reason why Toyota is sticking to hybrids despite the rapid launch of electric cars by automobile companies. He said, “The Prius is an eco-friendly car that is accessible to many people. Everyone in the world must contribute to achieving carbon neutrality. It must be started soon.” However, Toyota has not given information about the price of this car. The company has replaced the nickel metal hybrid battery with a smaller and lighter lithium ion battery, which gives 15 percent more energy. Its engine has also been increased from 1.8 liters to 2 liters. Its horsepower would be higher at 190 instead of 121. As a result, it can accelerate from 0-60 kmph in just seven seconds.

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