Twitter account of Tamil Nadu minister targeted by hackers

The Twitter account of Tamil Nadu minister V Senthil was taken over by hackers on Sunday. After changing the profile picture of this account, hackers had tweeted promoting cryptocurrencies from it. However, a few hours later, with the help of Twitter, Senthil regained control of his account.

In the last few months, social media accounts of many politicians and government agencies have been targeted by hackers. One Report It has been told that the reason for the breach in Senthil’s account was malware. Senthil has more than two lakh followers. He was able to regain access to his account after Twitter sent him a password reset email. Earlier in April, several tweets were made by hacking the Twitter account of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Earlier this year, the Twitter handle of the National Disaster Response Force was hacked. Late last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account was also hacked. Hackers had tweeted about it related to Bitcoin.

Scammers in large numbers on Twitter cryptocurrencies Targeting those trading in Scammers are using fake websites, hacked accounts to lure victims with fake projects and airdrops. In some cases, crypto investors have also been targeted who have suffered losses in phishing scams or protocol hacks and shared the information on Twitter.

Scammers are trying to dupe people who have already been scammed by pretending to help them. To do this, they claim to be blockchain developers and charge fees for using smart contracts to recover stolen funds. After getting the fees, they disappear. A cyber security analyst pointed out that scammers replace the URLs of genuine sites with the URLs of fake sites. After this, when a person goes to a fake website, cryptocurrencies are stolen by taking their details. Apart from this, scammers also try to trap the victim by messaging on Twitter.

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