Two explosive Indian batsmen, both did not like cricket at all, when they played, the bowlers got rid of sixes

Cricket in History: It is often advised that children should be allowed to do whatever they want in sports or studies. Children’s performance is excellent when they choose their desired studies or sports. But, two batsmen in the history of Indian cricket proved this saying completely wrong. Both the batsmen never wanted to play cricket. Even in the beginning, both did not like any other game, but also used to play. But, when both started playing cricket, both the batsmen got rid of the sixes of the bowlers in the field. Both are called Sixer King in the history of cricket.

We are talking about the first Test captain in Indian cricket, CK Nayudu and explosive batsman Yuvraj Singh. First let’s talk about Sixer King Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh himself told during an interview that he did not like playing cricket at all. In terms of games, he wanted to do skating since childhood. But, his father Yograj Singh wanted to make him a cricketer. Yuvi told that his father used to wake him up early in the morning by pouring water on him and used to make him run. This annoyed him a lot.

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Explosive batsman Yuvraj Singh became a cricketer due to the insistence of his father Yograj Singh.

Sidhu had said, it is not in his control
During a program, Navjot Singh Sidhu, the former opener of Team India, also told that when Yograj Singh brought Yuvraj Singh to him and saw him batting, he said take him, it is not in his control. However, later he played such cricket that he became a role model for the new generation. He made a world record by hitting 6 sixes in an over against England in T20 World Cup 2007. Apart from this, the world record of making a half-century in just 12 balls is also in his name. He made his fans sad by announcing his retirement from international cricket on 10 June 2019.

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Many world records made by Yuvraj
Yuvraj Singh became the Man of the Tournament on the basis of his brilliant performance in the 2011 Cricket World. He has played in the Indian Premier League with Kings XI Punjab, Pune Warriors India, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Daredevils and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Yuvraj Singh scored a total of 1900 runs in 40 Tests, batting at an average of 33.92. During this he scored 3 centuries and 11 half centuries. At the same time, he was also a brilliant left-arm spinner. He also took 10 wickets in Test cricket.

cricket in history ck naidu yuvraj singh indian cricket team sixer king in cricket indian cricket team india captains cricket news hindi

Yuvraj Singh scored 8,701 runs in 304 ODIs at an average of 36.55.

Yuvraj Singh’s great journey in cricket
Yuvraj was a specialist batsman in ODI cricket. He scored 8,701 runs in 304 ODIs at an average of 36.55. During this, he scored 14 centuries and 52 half-centuries. His highest score in ODIs was 150 runs. He also took 120 wickets in ODIs. His best performance in bowling was 5 wickets for 31 runs. At the same time, this aggressive left-handed batsman also played 58 T20 matches in his career. In this, he scored a total of 1,177 runs. During this, his batting average was 28.02. In this, he took a total of 29 wickets with the best performance of 3 for 17. He also scored 8,965 runs in first class cricket.

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What did CK Naidu want to become if not a cricketer?
Now let’s talk about that cricketer, who started playing during India’s slavery and made a name for himself in independent India as well. He was also known as the first Test captain in the history of Indian cricket. We are talking about Kotteri Kanakaiah Naidu i.e. CK Naidu, the great Indian cricketer and raining sixes with his bat on the field. He never wanted to become a cricketer. CK Naidu’s daughter Chandra Naidu told during an interview that she always aspired to become a lawyer like her father and grandfather. In games, he liked to play hockey and billiards. However, later when he started playing cricket, he remained like that and was recognized by the name of Colonel CK Naidu.

cricket in history ck naidu yuvraj singh indian cricket team sixer king in cricket indian cricket team india captains cricket news hindi

Naidu started playing first class cricket from 1915 and played smokeless cricket till 1963.

MCC gave silver bat for excellent performance
Naidu started playing first class cricket from 1915 and played smokeless cricket till 1963. In the year 1926, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) team came to India. This team, which came under the leadership of former England Ashes captain Arthur Gilliken, had to play 26 first-class matches in India. One of these matches was played against Hindus in Bombay Gymkhana. On that day, CK Naidu made the world record of most sixes in his name. He scored 153 runs in 116 minutes of batting with the help of 11 sixes and 13 fours. For his brilliant performance, this club of England gave him the silver bat award. Please tell that in those days there was a ground of 90 to 95 meters. In that period there were many famous teams like Hindus, Parsis, Christians. There were no Ranji tournaments then.

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BCCI was formed only after Naidu’s performance
After watching Naidu’s brilliant batting on the ground of Bombay Gymkhana Club, Arthur Gilliken said that now Indian cricket is ready to enter the international level. He met Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala at Delhi’s Roshanara Club and discussed the future of Indian cricket. After this BCCI was established in 1928. In those days, only a king-maharaja or Nawab used to become the captain of the Indian team. There used to be a tussle between the kings and emperors regarding the captaincy. Actually, at that time the cricket board did not have money. That’s why only the king-maharaja and Nawab used to bear the expenses. The one who used to give more money, he used to become the captain.

cricket in history ck naidu yuvraj singh indian cricket team sixer king in cricket indian cricket team india captains cricket news hindi

The Indian cricket team played in England in 1932 under the captaincy of CK Nayudu.

Naidu became India’s first Test captain in 1932
In the year 1932, India’s first official Test cricket team was formed. There were 7 Hindu, 5 Muslim, 4 Parsi and 2 Sikh players in the team. After this the Indian team left for England from Bombay on 2 April 1932. At that time the captain of the Indian team was the Maharaja of Porbandar. It was only in the practice matches played on reaching England that the Maharaja of Porbandar realized that this tour would prove to be of great historical importance. After this, he made Colonel CK Naidu the captain of the Indian cricket team. However, the rest of the players did not like this decision. Some players wanted the captain to be only Raja or Maharaja.

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Team India was against making Naidu the captain
The rebel players of the country’s first official Test team called Maharaj Bhupinder Singh of Patiala on the night just before the match with England. On this, Maharaj Bhupinder Singh strictly ordered that Captain CK Naidu would remain the same. Any player who opposes this will never play cricket for India in future. After this he became the first Test captain of the country. In this tour, India also had to play a test match in 26 first class matches. On 25 June 1932, India played its first Test match at Lord’s and got off to a great start. India took 3 wickets of the host team in the beginning itself and sent the entire team to the pavilion for 259 runs. Although England won the match later, but this performance was good for the first Test match.

Naidu batted brilliantly in the last match as well.
CK Naidu started playing first class cricket in 1915 and played cricket for the next 50 years. For most of the time he was the captain and mentor of Holkar’s team. When he was about 58 years old, Holkar’s team won the Ranji Trophy. He continued to play first class till 1958. During this he also played for United Provinces and Andhra. He also scored an aggressive 52 in his last Ranji Trophy match played in 1963, when he was 68 years old. Naidu played 7 Tests in his career, scoring 350 runs in 14 innings. During this, he scored 2 half-centuries. Naidu scored 11825 first class runs. During this, he scored 26 centuries, 58 half-centuries. He also took 411 wickets as a bowler. Colonel Naidu was awarded the Padma Bhushan, the country’s second highest award in 1956 by the government of independent India.

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