‘Two innings in ODIs, only 10 wickets…’ Sachin Tendulkar gave advice to make the game more exciting, this is the whole idea


Tendulkar told the way to save ODI cricket
Special advice given to make the game exciting

New Delhi: The trend of ODI cricket has decreased a lot in the past. This year ODI World Cup 2023 is to be held in India. If many experts are to be believed, they say that this ODI World Cup could be the last 50-over World Cup. But the great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar does not think so. He believes that through one solution we can save ODI cricket. He spoke on this issue during an event.

Sachin said, ‘Without any doubt we can say that it is becoming quite boring. ODI cricket should be divided into 4 parts like Test cricket. We have 20 wickets in Test cricket. But this does not happen in ODI cricket. There are only 10 wickets here. If you get all out in 25 overs in this format, then you will not be able to bat after 25.

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Sachin further said, ‘Ever since T20 cricket came. People’s inclination has increased towards T20 cricket. This is the reason why 50 over cricket has faded. Cricket of 50 overs is of full 100 overs including both the teams. My suggestion is to divide 50 overs cricket into 2 parts. The team batting first played 25 overs. After this the bowling team played the remaining overs. Then there should be 25 overs game and the cycle continues. Both teams have only 10 wickets. In this way, the whole hundred overs will also be done. Overall, it will be like taking a lead like Test cricket.

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interest will help
Sachin further told that by doing this the match will be exciting. Also, both teams will not have problems with things like toss, pitch and dew factors.

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