unique cricket records will never be broken from many years by any player cricket facts | The most unique records in cricket history, even Virat-Sachin could not reach around

Unique Cricket Records: Cricket is the most popular sport in India. In the history of cricket, many big records are also recorded in the name of Team India. You must have seen many records being made and broken in cricket many times, but in this news we will tell you about those 5 unique records which very few fans know. No player has been able to break these records for years. You will also be surprised to know about these records.

oldest player in test cricket

A player’s fitness is most important in cricket. Virat Kohli, the former captain of Team India, has increased the level of fitness, but there is also a player who played cricket till the age of 52. England’s great all-rounder Wilfred Rhodes played his last Test at the age of 52 years and 165 days. He is the oldest player to play a Test match. Apart from this, there are two more records in the name of Wilfred. He has played 1110 first class cricket matches. And his name is 4204 wickets in first class cricket.

shortest match of test cricket

Test matches are usually played for five days. Many times the result of the match does not come out even after 5 days of play, but in the year 1932, the match played between South African and Australia in Melbourne was over in about 5 hours 53 minutes. South African team was reduced to 36 runs in the first innings and could only score 45 runs in the second innings. In this way, Australia, who scored 153 runs in the first innings, won this match by an innings and 72 runs. This is the shortest match in Test cricket so far.

highest batting average

Australian cricketer Sir Don Bradman has been the greatest batsman in the history of Test cricket. His batting average in Tests is 99.94. No player has reached near the batting average of Don Bradman till date. At number two is the name of Australia’s Adam Voges, who batted at an average of 61.87. In this case, only by looking at the average of the second-ranked batsman, you can guess that Bradman’s record is unlikely to be broken.

Most economical spell in ODI match

The record for bowling the most economical bowling in ODIs is recorded in the name of Phil Simmons of West Indies. In the ODI match played against Pakistan in 1992, throwing 8 over maidens in a ten over spell, he gave only 3 runs at an economy of 0.30 and took 4 wickets. No one has been able to break his record so far.

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