Unwanted ‘guest’ entered the stadium in the middle of live match, match had to be stopped, fitness test of ground staff also done

New Delhi. Intrusion on the ground during a cricket match is not a new thing. Often fans enter the ground breaking the security cordon to meet their favorite cricketer. There was a security breach during the ongoing Chennai ODI between India and Australia. Don’t panic. This dent was not made by any cricket fan but by a street dog. A dog entered the ground during the live match. Because of this dog, the match had to be stopped for a few minutes. During this, the statement of former veteran Sunil Gavaskar, who is commenting, is also becoming quite viral.

Actually, the 43rd over of the match was going on. Sean Abort and Aston Egger were playing on the field. Then suddenly a dog entered the stadium packed with fans. This dog started going towards the players. The ground staff immediately swung into action and started driving the dog out of the stadium. During this the match had to be stopped for a few minutes. This dog troubled the ground staff a lot. Meanwhile, Sunil Gavaskar, doing commentary, said that this dog is taking the fitness test of the ground staff chasing him.

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