Updating Android App can empty Bank Account Hackers APK Fraud how to stay safe

Attention Android smartphone users! You may be a target of hackers. According to a report, hackers are using new techniques to cheat Android users. Due to this, people do not even know and the apps that apply ‘chapat’ are installed in their phones. Especially those users need to be careful, who use apps related to banking services in their mobiles. What is this whole matter, let us know.

The Hacker News Report It has been reported that security researchers from the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT KNF) of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority have discovered a new matters detected. Cyber ​​criminals are targeting those people who use banking services on their mobiles.

Cyber ​​criminals asking to update the app

As per reports, cyber criminals are sending text messages to customers asking them to update their mobile banking app.

Link sent with message

The text message being sent to the users also has a link with it. An update appears in the phone as soon as the link is clicked. Fraud is done in the name of update itself, because it is not related to Play Store or other Android App Store. The update asks users to download the WebAPK.

Doing so disables the smartphone’s browser security and installs the app on the user’s device. The report says that after installing fake banking apps on users’ phones, cyber criminals get users to fill in their banking details and empty their bank accounts.

stay alert like this

  • Care should be taken to avoid such downloads or malware.
  • Never sideload an app.
  • Install apps only from Google Play Store or other verified app stores.
  • If you are installing an APK file, check its authenticity.
  • Avoid clicking on any such link which is related to updating the app.

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