Uttarakhand Ranji team players at food worth 1 point 74 crore 35 lakhs on buying bananas | Indian Cricket: These Indian cricketers ate food worth 1.74 crores, BCCI will also be blown away after seeing the bill!

Ranji Trophy 2022 Controversy: As much as Indian cricket is known all over the world for its game, it has also been deeply involved in controversies. Currently, the biggest tournament of domestic cricket, Ranji Trophy 2021-22, is being played in India. This season of Ranji Trophy has not been untouched by controversy. In this dispute, not one player, but the whole team is trapped.

The allegation of giving only 100 rupees to the players

In the second quarterfinal of the Ranji Trophy, was played between Mumbai and Uttarakhand. In this match, Mumbai’s team won the record by 725 runs. But shortly after this, such a sensational news came out in the media, after which the Uttarakhand Cricket Association had to come forward and clarify.

According to media reports, the players of the Uttarakhand state team (Uttarakhand Ranji team) are given a daily allowance of only Rs 100. In fact, News 9 Live told in its report that the Uttarakhand Cricket Association, which shows the expenditure of lakhs of crores on paper, gives a daily allowance of only 100 rupees to the players. Uttarakhand Cricket has vehemently denied these allegations and exposed the food and drink expenses of the players, which surprised everyone.

1.74 crores spent on players’ food

According to the Uttarakhand Cricket Association, Rs 1.74 crore has been spent on the food of the players. While a total of 49 lakh 58 thousand rupees have been spent on the daily allowance given to the players. A total of 35 lakhs was spent on buying bananas for the players and 22 lakhs on water bottles. Along with this, it is said that in 2021-22, 1250 daily allowance for players and 1500 for supporting staff is fixed.

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