VIDEO: Absolutely carbon copy, Dhoni got not one, but 2 fans, very amazing friendship


The first match of IPL 2023 will be played between CSK and Gujarat Titans.
Chennai Super Kings’ strength increased due to 2 players

New Delhi. The first match of IPL 2023 will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans on 31 March. Both the teams would like to start the league with a win. For this, Dhoni and Pandya & Co. have made vigorous preparations. Dhoni has got two players alike. Their friendship is also amazing. The style of batting of both is also exactly the same. A video related to this has been shared by Chennai Super Kings on Twitter. In this, Jadeja and Stokes were seen playing shots like a carbon copy.

In CSK’s net session, the shots played on the front foot and back foot of Jadeja and Stokes looked exactly the same. After this, both came out of the crease and fired in the air. Seeing him also felt as if only one batsman had hit the shots.

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