VIDEO: Air-hostess gave special note with chocolate to MS Dhoni, now Mahi’s new style looted the party


MS Dhoni’s gaming style went viral.
Dhoni was given a special note by the air-hostess in the flight.

New Delhi. The fans of Indian team’s ‘Captain Cool’ i.e. MS Dhoni are sitting in every corner of the world. Somewhere, he manages to make a place in anyone’s heart with his style, be it on the cricket field or outside. One such video has surfaced again in which the air hostess was Dhoni’s fan in the flight. He took full advantage of Mahi being on the flight and gave her a special note along with a chocolate. Meanwhile, in the video, Dhoni’s new style has won the hearts of the fans.

Actually, Dhoni is seen in flight with his wife Sakshi. Meanwhile, the air-hostess approaches Mahi with a tray of chocolates. In which a small note is also visible. The air-hostess gave the note to Dhoni and also gave several chocolates along with it. But Mahi refused to take the chocolate, instead she picked up a packet of dates. Seeing this video has gone viral on social media. Fans are seen giving different reactions on this video.

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