VIDEO: Anushka Sharma would not have seen such a video, Kohli made fun of Kohli, Virat said- I am ashamed…

New Delhi. Virat Kohli performed well in IPL 2023 and also scored 2 centuries. Although his team Royal Challengers Bangalore could not reach the playoffs. Kohli has reached England for the final of the World Test Championship. The final between India and Australia is to begin on June 7. Meanwhile, a video of Virat and Anushka Sharma is viral. In this, Bollywood actress and Kohli’s wife Anushka is seen making fun of him. Virat also did not look back in replying.

It is seen in the viral video that Anushka Virat is seen calling Virat as husband God and OG. Then she usually says Virat, Virat, today is 24th April, make a run today. Everyone starts laughing at this. After this Virat said that as many runs as your entire team did not score in April, I have as many matches in April. After this Anushka Sharma says that from today I am in its team.

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