VIDEO: Both Pakistani batsmen standing at non-striker’s end, lost wicket like this, will not stop laughing

New Delhi. A 3-match ODI series is being played between Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team and Australia Women’s Cricket Team. In the first ODI, Pakistan’s team was able to score only 160 runs in 40 overs. Nida Dar was the top scorer for Pakistan with 59 runs, but was badly run out. However, the Pakistan cricket team being run out in this way is not a new thing. Players of the men’s team have been run out in such a bad way many times. This time something similar is being seen in the Pakistani women’s cricket team.

In fact, during the match, Nida Dar and Kainaat Imtiaz became victims of a horrific run out. Actually, both were at the same crease. Nida Dar hit the ball on the offside and ran to take the run, but her partner Kainat standing at the non-striking end stood at her place after taking a few steps. The commentators believed that the Australian team had got the wicket of Nida Dar in a mix-up, but upon review, Kainaat Imtiaz was declared out.

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Cricket Australia shared a video of the incident on its official Twitter handle with a funny caption. Cricket Australia captioned, “Oh no! A mix-up in the middle for Pakistan leaves both batsmen stranded at the non-striker’s end!”

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