VIDEO: Delhi’s riot was going on in SRH vs DC, fans clashed in the stadium


SRH beat Delhi Capitals in IPL 2023
There was a fight between the spectators in the stadium during the match

New Delhi. Indian Premier League has always been a platform for fans to come together and support their favorite teams. However, the picture changed in the match between Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad at Arun Jaitley Stadium on Saturday (April 29). During the middle of the match, a fight broke out between the fans in the stadium and there was fierce scuffle. It rained punches from both sides. For some time, due to this, an atmosphere of chaos was created in the stands and people came in panic. However, later the security personnel separated the fighting spectators. But, this incident raised questions on the safety of spectators in IPL.

The match was going on between Sunrisers Hyderabad and home team Delhi Capitals, during which there was an argument between some fans about something and then suddenly 4 people broke down on each other and started pushing and shoving. After this, it started raining kicks and punches from both the sides. Meanwhile, two people fell on the chairs. Even their clothes were torn.

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