Video: ‘I never said that’, Alistair Cook and Moeen Ali clash again in the commentary box

New Delhi. There was a dispute between England all-rounder Moeen Ali and former captain Alastair Cook some time back when Moeen Ali questioned Cook’s captaincy. This dispute took place between the two players in a show during the Ashes series. Now after 4 months, once again during the ongoing second test match between New Zealand and England, these players once again clashed with each other.

During the commentary on BBC’s ‘Test Match Special’, both the players were asked to clear the misunderstandings. Cook said, ‘Let me begin.’ He said, ‘I was coming back from vacation, reached the studio straight at midnight. I met Mo (Moin) with a smile, he is always very happy. It was half an hour in the shift and Moin told the audience and the audience that I was not a very good captain and would not be a very good coach. So this is how it happened. So I guess I have nothing to defend.

Moeen clarified
Moin clarified on Cook’s reaction, saying, ‘I only said that Root has more empathy for the players.’ Moeen also said in his clarification, ‘I never said that you were not a good captain or you were not a better captain than Root. Then you took this thing to heart and it went viral.

What was the whole matter?
In a show held during the Ashes series 4 months ago, Moeen had questioned Cook’s captaincy and this is where the controversy started. This conversation between the two players became very viral on the media and social media. Now after 4 months, when both were once again doing commentary together, both the players gave their explanation.

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