VIDEO: Krunal was made Ravan and Hardik became Kumbhkaran, know who did this


Lucknow Super Giants tweeted video of Ravana
There is a connection with Krunal and Hardik

New Delhi. In the 51st match of IPL 2023 (IPL 2023), Gujarat Titans clash with Lucknow Super Giants. Where Hardik Pandya is leading Gujarat. At the same time, Krunal Pandya is ready to lead the LSG after KL Rahul is out of the ongoing season. Before the clash of both the teams, the Lucknow team has shared a very funny video on social media. In this video, Krunal is shown as Ravana and Hardik as Kumbhakaran, the character of Ramayana.

Actually, in the video shared by Lucknow Super Giants, Ravana is seen talking to his brother Kumbhkaran. Ravana says, ‘The younger brother has only one religion. Do not let any trouble happen to your elder brother as long as he is alive and healthy. If his elder brother has any concern during his life or if he gets into trouble, then he will be cursed. Younger brother is a friend as well as a servant.

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