VIDEO: KS Bharat’s elbow saved from breaking on Mitchell Starc’s ball, stands on the ground with Ajinkya Rahane


KS Bharat looked scared at Mitchell Starc’s ball
Elbow hit by a fast ball

New Delhi. The final match of the World Test Championship between Team India and Australia is being played in England. Where Australia scored 469 runs in the first innings. At the same time, Team India is playing the first innings only. India has also lost 5 wickets for 151 runs. At present, Ajinkya Rahane and KS Bharat are standing at the crease. Who are facing Australian bowlers with great difficulty. During this, KS Bharat also suffered a minor injury.

Who is not aware of the deadly bowling of Mitchell Starc? It is known to all that he is one of Australia’s favorite bowlers. Actually, the strike was with KS Bharat on the second ball of the 38th over. Mitchell Starc came to bowl. He bowled so fast that the ball hit KS Bharat directly on his elbow. The speed of the ball was very high and the bounce too. Immediately after the injury, the medical team also reached the ground.

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