VIDEO: Pakistani batsman showed ‘cleverness’ after avoiding stumping, ran to take runs, see what happened next

New Delhi. Such videos often come out from the cricket field, after watching which even the fans are forced to think whether to laugh or think about it. One such video has surfaced of the T20 League Vitality Blast being played in England. After watching this, you will also laugh and will also feel that the wicketkeeper has done injustice to the batter. Well, when the umpire gives the batter out, then there is no point in questioning the decision. But the spirit of sportsmanship is definitely being discussed.

The match was played between Derbyshire and Birmingham Bears in England’s Vitality Blast T20. Batting first in the match, Birmingham Bears scored 203 runs at the loss of 7 wickets in 20 overs. Sam Hahn scored an inning of 79 runs for the Bears. Haider Ali and Lewis Rees of Pakistan started the innings for Derbyshire to chase the target of 204 runs. Haider Ali was batting well. But then something happened that Haider Ali’s good innings came to an end.

Hyder Ali’s little cleverness overshadowed him. However, questions are also being raised on Bears’ wicketkeeper Alex Davis. It so happened that Haider Ali went ahead of the crease to play a ball from Birmingham Bears bowler Danny Briggs. But he missed playing the shot. On this, Alex Davis standing behind the wicket wanted to stump him. But Hyder showed agility and he returned to the crease in time. But, don’t know what suddenly happened that Haider again started running to take the run. Meanwhile, the English wicketkeeper scattered the bails and appealed to the umpire for stumping.

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