VIDEO: Salman Butt compares Indian legend with Pakistani youth to explain importance of Paes


Salman Butt explained the importance of pace
Indian legend compared to Pakistani youth
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is proving expensive in the death overs

New Delhi. The stars of Indian team’s experienced fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar are running in the heat these days. Cricket experts are worried about his consistent poor performance in the death overs, and are questioning his pace and innovation. In this episode, Salman Butt, the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, has also questioned his bowling ability in the death overs.

Actually Butt was talking about the England vs Pakistan match on his YouTube channel. Meanwhile, a fan questioned the Indian fast bowling attack. The former Pakistan captain also gave a good answer to this question. “When a bowler lacks pace, he has very limited options to pose a threat to the batsman,” he said.

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He said that Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a very experienced fast bowler. He has also taken wickets on important occasions for his team. But the format of cricket is changing. Other cricketers have understood him very well. They lack pace. If the pitch doesn’t help them, they become ineffective. In the death overs, he tries to hit a yorker on the off-stump.

He said, Paes is not a matter of one day. It happens or doesn’t happen. Kumar is not inside. At the same time, when Naseem Shah proved to be expensive in the last match, he said that he proved to be expensive, but he has also troubled the batsmen of big teams with his pace.

The former captain said, when a bowler lacks pace, he doesn’t have too many options. In the first T20 match against Australia, Bhuvneshwar was bowling outside the off-stump. He did the same thing in the Asia Cup and it didn’t work.

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