VIDEO: Sarfaraz Khan is hitting century after century…still not getting chance in Indian team…coach gave special respect like this

New Delhi. Young batsman Sarfaraz Khan in domestic cricketsarfaraz khan) continues to perform brilliantly. In the Ranji Trophy match being played at Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi Sarfaraz of the hosts hit another century on Monday. Sarfaraz is scoring centuries one after the other but despite this he is not being given a chance to play in the national team. Sarfaraz has not been given a chance in the recently announced first two Test team against Australia.

Sarfaraz has scored 10 centuries in the last 23 Ranji Trophy matches. In such a situation, everyone is surprised that what more can a player do to make a place in the Indian team. At this time, a video of Arun Jaitley Stadium is also going viral on social media. In which Mumbai coach Amol Majumdar gave Sarfaraz special honor after this century. Majumdar took off his hat and gave special honor to Sarfaraz Khan on this century.

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