Video: Sehwag told a shocking story, played together in the evening, he was shot in the morning, I was scared


Virender Sehwag narrated childhood story in News18’s Chaupal
Nawab of Najafgarh told the shocking incident

New Delhi. There have been many openers in the world of cricket but the fear of Virender Sehwag was visible on the faces of the bowlers. Test cricket was also made exciting by the Indian veteran with his explosive batting. Sehwag told such an anecdote of childhood in the Chaupal program on the country’s number-1 news channel News18 India on Monday (March 20) which surprised everyone. The Nawab of Najafgarh told that he had heard many bad news about the people with whom he used to play in his childhood.

Explosive opener Virender Sehwag, who has played more than 100 Tests and more than 250 ODIs for India, is known for his fearless style. He does what he wants during the game and even outside the field. On Monday, March 20, in the Chaupal program of News 18, he told such an anecdote of his childhood which scared him.

Played together in the evening, shot in the morning

Sehwag told in the Chaupal program that he was born in Najafgarh. Now the image of this place has become good but once upon a time many incidents used to happen here. In childhood, there was no worry about anything while playing, so we used to play matches with whoever came along. Then it happened that it came to know that those with whom we returned after playing a match in the evening, the next day we came to know about them, they became victims of the incident.
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Sehwag Chaupal told that the children with whom he used to play in the match, the news was received the next morning that they were involved in some incident. Many times it was known that the dead body of that child has been found. Sometimes it was heard that someone shot him dead. We were scared of such news and then everyone at home used to ask the name of the parents of the one who used to come to play. Had also started making distance from those people. Started staying away from those areas of Najafgarh.

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