VIDEO: Shoaib Akhtar showed the fear of 100 mph in the net, the heart trembles after seeing the ball


Shoaib Akhtar showed the fear of 100 mph in the nets
People were surprised to see the speed of the ball
Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar

New Delhi. Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar is known worldwide for his flamboyant bowling. In his time, he had injured many players with his fiery bowling. The lower order batsmen were often nervous to face him. Recently, he has shared one of his videos on social media. In this video, he is seen uprooting the wickets of opposition batsmen with his precise yorker balls.

Not only this, the Pakistani veteran has also shown through his video that how would a batsman feel when he is going to face a ball coming at a speed of 100 mph. Akhtar, who is famous in the world by the name ‘Rawalpindi Express’, shot a video in the net. In this video, he asked a person to put the ball through the machine at a speed of 99 miles per hour. Meanwhile, when the ball came out of the machine, everyone present there with him was surprised.

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