VIDEO: The ball kept rolling, the fielders kept dancing! Fate smiled on batters in a different way, watching the video will not stop laughing


Strange incident happened in European cricket.
Fortune smiled brilliantly on the batsmen.

New Delhi. Cricket is such a game in which sometimes strange feats are seen. But if something strange happens on the big stage, then that match proves to be worth the money for the fans. Till now we must have seen many big victories of the team and the lives of the batsmen. But now such a video of a match has come to the fore which everyone is surprised to see. This video has gone viral on social media. In the video, the ball is seen chasing the fielders behind it.

A match of the European Cricket Series had turned towards adventure. The batsmen needed only one hit in the last 2 balls as their team was just 3 runs away from victory. The bowlers had maintained their hold in the match, but luck smiled on the batsmen in such a way that even 4-5 fielders together could not catch the ball. The batsman did not make contact with the ball, after which the batsman ran to take the over throw run. The keeper tried to hit the ball in the wicket but missed the target. At the same time, the batter did not stop running and the fielder again threw the wicket but then the ball missed and the rest of the fielders also could not catch the ball.

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