VIDEO: The ball was in the hand of the wicketkeeper, yet the batsmen stole 3 runs; Full on drama happened

New Delhi. Showing speed in the cricket field also sometimes becomes overwhelming. Something similar happened during a match of the European Cricket League in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Where the batsmen of the opposition team stole three runs in an attempt to throw the ball fast on the stumps of a wicketkeeper. During this, the team that bowled 3 times got a run out opportunity. But, on all three occasions, the fielders missed doing so. During this, full-on drama was seen on the field. Its video is going viral on social media, after watching which hardly anyone can stop laughing. This match was played between Vinohrady and Prague Barbarians Club.

In this match, Prague Barbarians batted first and the video of the incident which is going viral on social media is from the third over of Prague’s innings. After two overs, Barbarians’ score was 16 runs. Andrew Sim was with Jahanur Haq at the crease. Arshad Hayat bowls the first ball of the third over outside off-stump. Sim went ahead of the crease and wanted to shoot at it. But the ball did not hit the bat and went into the gloves of the wicketkeeper. Even after this, the batsman standing at the non-striker’s end came out of the crease to take a run.

Batsmen avoid getting run out thrice
At the same time, the striker was inside the crease. Even after this, the wicketkeeper threw the ball towards the stump. The ball did not hit the wicket and went towards mid-off. Meanwhile, both the batsmen ran for one run. Meanwhile, the wicketkeeper again threw the ball at the non-striker’s end to run out. This time also the ball did not hit the wicket and the bowler also failed to stop it. Just taking advantage of this, the batsmen ran for the second run.

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Batsmen stole three runs due to wicketkeeper’s mistake
Now the bowler throws the ball again towards the striker’s end. The fielder standing there could not stop the ball and then the batsmen took one more run. By the time the throw came from behind the wicket, the batsmen ran for the third run and thus the batsman avoided being run out three times and stole three runs. However, the team of Barbarians could not win this match. Vinohrady achieved the target of 86 runs for the loss of 4 wickets.

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