VIDEO: The veteran was sleeping by putting a chair outside the dressing room, Siraj had a bad sleep, ran and came to bat


Australian batsman was seen sleeping outside the dressing room

New Delhi. It happens many times in Test cricket, when the pace of the game seems slow. Not much is seen happening in the field. On such occasions, you must have seen the fans sleeping many times in the field. But if the player sleeps by putting a chair outside the dressing room during the match. Rarely would you have seen or heard something like this. But something similar happened on the third day of the final of the World Test Championship. No one else did this, but Marnus Labushen, who returned unbeaten on 41 runs on the third day. He was sleeping by putting a chair before going to bat. But after the dismissal of David Warner, he realized that he had to go for batting, then jumped from the chair and ran away. Its video is going viral.

Australia dismissed India for 296 on the third day of the Oval Test. After this the Kangaroo team started its second innings. He got a big shock in the form of David Warner in the beginning. After Warner, Labushen had to come for batting. But he was sleeping by putting a chair outside the dressing room. This incident was before Warner’s dismissal. Labushen was sitting with his eyes closed. It seemed that he was taking a nap. As soon as the camera’s sight was removed from him, Labushen’s sleep was broken. Because on the very next ball, Mohammad Siraj dismissed Warner.

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