VIDEO: Two hearts met in a live match…Boyfriend expressed love by wearing a ring…and the relationship became confirmed


Boyfriend made girlfriend wear ring in India vs Australia match
Fans spread the magic of love on the cricket field

New Delhi. Cricket ground is the place where sometimes batters and sometimes bowlers are seen showing their magic. Sometimes even inside the stadium, the fans leave no stone unturned to show the magic of their love. A similar scene was seen in the ongoing WTC Final (WTC Final IND vs AUS) match between India and Australia, where the boyfriend proposed his girlfriend for marriage by wearing a ring in a stadium full of spectators, which is being discussed everywhere.

The teams of India and Australia are face to face in the WTC final at The Oval. On the fourth day, after the 5th over of the Indian innings, suddenly a fan got up from his seat and turned towards his girlfriend sitting next to him. When the girl could understand something, the fan put the ring on his girlfriend. Seeing all this, the girlfriends also looked very happy and both kissed each other. The people present there started congratulating both of them. As the cameraman showed the video of this incident on the big screen, the stadium erupted in thunderous applause. Within no time this video started going viral on social media. During this, Australian veteran Ricky Ponting, doing commentary, said that people do not miss doing anything to appear on television.

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