VIDEO: When Babar Azam reached net practice with brother, the ruckus left, PCB also asked for the answer

New Delhi. Pakistan captain Babar Azam is facing criticism due to his brother Safir. In fact, Babar, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, took his brother to the High Performance Center in Lahore for net practice. Here Pakistan fast bowler Shahnawaz Dahani was seen bowling to him. Its videos and pictures went viral on social media. Since then Babar has come under the target of fans. As the matter escalated, the Pakistan Cricket Board also came forward and the PCB reminded the captain Babar of the rules.

Babar Azam’s brother Safir shared the video of his net practice at the High Performance Center in Lahore on Twitter. Babar himself was also present during the practice session and was seen telling his brother the mistakes. It is against the PCB’s guidelines for Pakistan captain Babar to bring his brother Safir along for net practice and use the facilities of the High Performance Center in Lahore.

Actually, only players of Pakistan, players playing first-class and junior cricket in this center can use the facilities after the approval of the officials. But, Babar’s younger brother Safir is not playing cricket at this level yet. Because of this, there has been an uproar over this.

Babar Azam broke the rules of PCB
A PCB source told PTI, “Babar Azam had come to the High Performance Center in Lahore with his younger brother three-four days ago. This was before the conditioning camp started. After this his brother practiced batting in the nets. The board was informed about this. The source further said that no player from Pakistan is allowed to bring his relative or friend to this centre. That’s why Babar was told about his mistake and told not to do this in future.

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Babur admits his mistake
He further said, “Babar is the captain of the Pakistan team and he was very politely explained that this is wrong. He also seemed to agree with this.

Babar has started training for the upcoming series at the High Performance Center in Lahore. The PCB has called 60 players in two different batches for the conditioning camp. Let us tell you that Pakistan has to play a series of 3 ODIs against West Indies next month.

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