VIDEO: Who is Harshit Rana? Virat Kohli’s controversial reaction copied, video viral


There was a dispute between Virat and Gambhir in IPL 2023.
Virat’s controversial reaction was copied by the young player.

New Delhi. Team India’s former captain Virat Kohli is not only famous for his batting and records, but his aggression is also discussed. Something similar was seen in IPL 2023, when Virat Kohli gave a controversial reaction in front of the Lucknow team. The one who did the work of pouring ghee in the fire in the midst of a huge-serious dispute. Now the same reaction has been given by India A player Harshit Rana in the match against Pakistan A.

Actually, in the defeat of RCB, Gautam Gambhir gave this reaction to pacify the RCB crowd, which hurt Virat. He avenged this by winning the match against Lucknow. Kohli gave the same reaction and the dispute reached Tu-Tu-Main-Main. The Asia Emerging Cup match between Pakistan A and India A took place on 19 July. In this match, the Indian team gave a crushing defeat to Pakistan. In this match Harshit Rana of India A jumped brilliantly caught the ball with one hand and fell on the ground but did not leave the ball. After that the young player celebrated that catch in the style of Virat Kohli. This video of Harshit has become increasingly viral on social media.

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