VIDEO: ‘Why did the ball stop in the middle of the throw’? When Kohli got angry at the Pakistani umpire for suddenly stopping Shami from bowling

New Delhi. Team India has reached a strong position after the end of the second day’s play of Edgbaston Test. India scored 416 runs in the first innings of this test. In response, half of the host England team has been out for 84 runs. Meanwhile, during the second day’s play, former Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli was seen getting angry at Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar. In fact, umpire Dar suddenly stopped Mohammed Shami from bowling while he took his run-up and reached close to the crease to release the ball. But, then the umpire tried to stop Shami. But, Shami went ahead in the follow-through and released the ball. In such a situation, the batsman left the stump and left.

This whole incident of stopping Indian pacer Mohammed Shami from bowling suddenly happened after the dismissal of Alex Lease. By this time it had started raining lightly. However, the umpire decided to continue the game. After this Mohammed Shami came to bowl the fourth over of England’s innings. Jack Crowley was on strike. Shami ran to bowl the first ball of his over. He had also reached the crease of the non-striker’s end to release the ball. Then suddenly umpire Aleem Dar pulled out his hand to stop them. But, due to the high speed, Shami came forward and released the ball too. But, seeing the umpire stopping the bowler, Crowley ran away from the stumps.

Umpire calls Shami’s ball a ‘dead ball’
The umpire called this ball a ‘dead ball’, while Kohli got furious when the umpire suddenly stopped Shami from bowling and his words were captured in the stump mic. As soon as the umpire stopped Shami, Kohli was seen saying loudly, “Hey, how can you stop the middle of the ball man..”

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The umpire was ordered to stop the match
Let us tell you that the umpire Aleem Dar tried to stop Shami from bowling suddenly because the order was given to stop the match due to rain on his earphones. But, this action of the umpire passed to Kohli and when the match was stopped due to rain, while returning to the dressing room, Kohli also lodged his objection with the umpire.

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