Vijay hazare trophy 2021 difference between vjd duckworth lewis method

New Delhi. Himachal Pradesh beat Tamil Nadu in Vijay Hazare Trophy (Vijay hazare trophy 2021) named after himself. Himachal won this title for the first time. Himachal won on the basis of VJD rule. Tamil Nadu had given Himachal a target of 315 runs, but VJD (VJD) Following the rule, Himachal got the target of 289 runs in 47.3 overs, which the team achieved at the loss of 4 wickets. Cricket fans have heard the name of DRS till now. What is VJD rule? Few people know this.
Actually the VJD rule has been made by a civil engineer from Kerala. This rule had to be used when the match was not completed due to bad light. If the score has to be revised during a limited overs match due to rain, bad weather or any other reason, then Duckworth-Lewis rule is used for this in international cricket, but in domestic cricket VJD rule is used. .

How VJD differs from Duckworth-Lewis Rule
VJD means V Jayadevan rule. Jayadevan, a civil engineer from Kerala, made this rule. This rule is being used in domestic cricket since 2007. The VJD rule was first used in the IPL. It is also used in Tamil Nadu Premier League.

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The VJD rule is slightly different from the Duckworth-Lewis rule. According to Duckworth, runs are made at a slow pace in the beginning and in the last 10 to 15 overs, the speed of runs increases. Duckworth’s law is based on a single curve. On the other hand, in VJD rule, the innings is divided into 7 different parts and on the basis of this the target is determined. The first leg is of 5 overs. This is considered to be 10 percent of the rule. There is a second leg of 6 to 15 overs. The third phase is of 16 to 25 overs, the fourth phase is of 26 to 30 overs, the 5th over 31 to 40 overs, the sixth phase from 41 to 45 overs and the 7th over 46 to 50 overs.

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