Virat hit double century on Instagram, now behind only these 4 people in terms of followers. Hindi News

Virat Kohli 200 Million: Indian team’s legendary batsman Virat Kohli has done many exploits on the cricket field. There are very few records in batting that are not ruled by Virat. But as much as Virat has done with his bat, he keeps doing it on social media as well. Meanwhile, Virat has made a new record on Instagram.

Virat’s big record on Instagram

Virat, who made big records with the bat, made a big record on Instagram in his name. Virat has become the first Indian to have 200 million followers on Instagram. There is no Indian even close to Virat in this matter. Not only this, Virat was the first Indian to complete 100 million followers last year. Virat has recently given this information by sharing a post on Instagram.

Only 4 celebrities ahead of Virat

Virat Kohli has left behind the big celebrities of the world in terms of Instagram followers. But still there are four people in the world who are ahead of Virat in this matter. Only Cristiano Ronaldo (451 million), Kylie Jenner (345 million), Selena Gomes (325 million) and Dwayne Johnson (320) are ahead of Virat.

earn crores from one post

If reports are to be believed, Virat Kohli earns more than Rs 5 crore for posting an Instagram. On the other hand, if we talk about the sponsored posts of Virat Kohli, then he gets about 8-9 crores from each post. The Instagram followers of Virat Kohli’s team, who played for India, are not even half of them.

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