Virat Kohli became the highest earning player in Asia earns 8 crores per instagram post Indian team bad form | Virat Kohli Earning: Kohli became the highest-paid player in Asia, earns so many crores; you will be surprised to know

Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli has been struggling with poor form for a long time. For the last three years, he has not been able to score a century. Questions are being raised about his stay in the team, but outside the field, King Kohli’s spirit remains intact. There is no dearth of his fans on social media. 33-year-old Virat Kohli still dominates as a social media celebrity. He is the highest paid player in Asia. One Instagram post he earns lakhs of rupees. Let’s know about it.

Number one in terms of earnings

Virat Kohli may not be getting runs with the bat, but he is the highest-paid celebrity in Asia. Virat Kohli earns Rs 8 crore from his every Instagram post. According to the list released by, Virat Kohli has been ranked 14th in this. The name of actress Priyanka Chopra is also included in the list. Those who are in 27th place and they get around Rs 3 crore per post. Virat Kohli is the only Indian in the top 15. The world’s legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is at number one in this list.

Kohli has 200 million followers

Virat Kohli has 200 million followers on Instagram. He is the first Indian to have so many followers. There is no Indian even close to Virat in this matter. Not only this, Virat was the first Indian to complete 100 million followers last year. Only Cristiano Ronaldo (451 million), Kylie Jenner (345 million), Lionel Messi (327 million followers), Selena Gomes (325 million) and Dwayne Johnson (320) are ahead of Virat.

runs not coming off the bat

For some time now, Virat Kohli’s bat is not getting runs, but he still remains the king on social media. Kohli is a big level player, he has the ability that he can change the course of the match in just a few balls. Kohli has won many matches for Team India on his own.

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