Virat kohli coach kept special condition for run machine to create tattoo on his body indian veteran revealed


Virat Kohli had the urge to get tattooed.
The coach had kept a special condition for the tattoo.

New Delhi: Team India’s star player Virat Kohli earned a lot of name in a very short time. He single-handedly won many matches for India. Virat is also considered a very stylish player. He is very fond of tattoos. However, there are many players in Team India who are crazy about tattoos. These include players like Suryakumar Yadav and KL Rahul. But do you know that the coach had put a special condition to allow Virat to get tattooed.

Virat once said in an interview, “I was very fond of tattoos. When I got a tattoo done at the age of 16, I was scolded by the coach. I used to wear full T-shirt to avoid them so that they would not know. But somehow they came to know about this. But I insisted that I want to get another tattoo done.”

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Virat further said, “At first the coach got very angry and refused. But I was stubborn, so he said that if you will perform better in the next series, then you will get a tattoo done and that’s what happened, I performed brilliantly in the next series. Virat also told that he wanted to get the tattoo removed, but later the coach refused him.

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Virat is busy with Border Gavaskar Trophy
Virat Kohli is currently busy with the Border Gavaskar Trophy. Team India has taken a 2-1 lead in the 4-match Test series. The fourth Test is being played in Ahmedabad and Virat is unbeaten after scoring 59 runs in 128 balls. He is batting well in the fourth Test as compared to the last three Tests. The fans would expect that in the fourth Test, he would convert his half-century into a century.

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