Virat Kohli got the support of ‘Dada’ after Rohit, told – how can you get lost form?

New Delhi. The one player that is being discussed the most in Indian cricket right now is Virat Kohli. When will he score his next century in international cricket? This question has now been left behind, now there is a debate on his continuation in Team India. Many veterans have even advocated to sit them out. If we look at his performance, this thing also seems right, because Virat has been battling for runs for a long time. He is not able to score runs in all the three formats of Test, ODI and T20. It has been more than two years since he scored a century in international cricket. However, amidst all these doubts, after Indian captain Rohit Sharma, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has also defended Kohli.

Amidst constant criticism of Kohli, Ganguly has expressed the hope that the former Indian captain’s bad phase may have dragged on, but he will soon return to the old color and score the same runs. In an interview to ANI, Ganguly said, “You see Virat Kohli’s record in international cricket. The position he has achieved as a batsman cannot be achieved without quality and ability. Yes, it is true that they are going through difficult times right now. He also knows that he himself is a big player. I am sure he will be back soon.

Kohli himself will have to find a way back: Ganguly

He said, “Kohli knows what his level is. I want Kohli to come back and do well for the team. But they themselves have to find a way out of the bad phase and succeed. He has consistently done well for Team India for 12-13 years and is expected to do so in the times to come.

‘I have also gone through bad times, Kohli just focus on the game’

When Ganguly was asked that Kohli is constantly being criticized, what do you think about him, because even as a player you have seen all this. In response, Ganguly said, “This happens often in sports. It can happen to every player. Not only Virat, this has happened to Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and me too. As a player, one should always be ready for it. All I would say is that Kohli should focus only on his game by diverting attention from the rest.

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Kohli’s bat silent on England tour

The current England tour has also not gone well for Virat Kohli so far. He could score 31 runs in both the innings of the rescheduled Test at Edgbaston. His bat has remained silent in the T20 series as well. He played second and third T20. But, both the matches together could score 12 runs. After this, due to groin injury, he could not play the first ODI against England and there is little hope of him playing in the second as well.

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