Virat Kohli opens up life changing moment in RCB podcast his wife Anushka Sharma role played over in life check murky details


Virat Kohli opens up about his life in RCB’s new podcast
Kohli has also told about his life changing moment in this podcast

New Delhi. Former India captain Virat Kohli has given a big statement about wife Anushka Sharma. Kohli believes that after meeting Anushka, his life changed completely. According to Kohli, the first meeting with Anushka Sharma proved to be a life-changing moment for him. Virat Kohli said these things about his actress wife in the RCB podcast.

In the latest podcast of his IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli looks back at some of the biggest events in his life. Kohli recalled in this podcast how life changed after his father’s death. He said that after his father’s death, his outlook on things changed, but not life.

Father’s death did not change my life
Kohli said, “When my father passed away, my outlook towards life changed, but life did not change much. Even after my father left, my life was the same as before. This incident made me stronger and I was able to achieve more focus towards my goal. But, it did not prove to be life changing for me. Because even after this I was doing the same thing which I used to do before. The situation and the atmosphere were the same.”

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