Virat Kohli partyed all night, scored 250 runs the next day, reveals former teammate


Virat made tremendous changes in himself due to physical work-diet
Virat has been seen eating Chole Bhature only once or twice since 2012

New Delhi. Cricketer Ishant Sharma has had a wonderful bonding with the former captain of Team India, Virat Kohli. Both players played domestic cricket together for Delhi from the junior level and later played together for the Indian team for many years. Fast bowler Ishant Sharma has also been a witness to Virat’s transformation from a chubby player to the fittest player in Team India. According to Ishant, in the long period of living in Delhi and playing cricket together, he has seen Virat Kohli’s party and tattoo craze and now he is also seeing a different Virat.

Ishant, who is currently running out of Team India, shared some intimate and old memories related to him and Virat Kohli on Ranbir Allahabadia’s YouTube channel. Recalling his under-19 days, he told that once before a match in Kolkata First Virat kept partying all night and the next day he scored an inning of 250 runs. This fast bowler from Delhi mentioned the time when Virat Kohli worked on his fitness after the 2011 World Cup and brought tremendous changes in himself due to hard physical work and diet. Due to his mental strength and cricket skills, he established his game at a different level.

Virat Kohli’s ‘love’ for Chole-Bhatura is not hidden from anyone. In his earlier conversation, he has told it his favorite dish. Praising Kohli’s will power, Ishant said that despite being so fond of Chole-Bhatura, Virat has eaten it only once or twice since 2012 for the sake of his cricket.

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This tall bowler said, ‘People of Delhi are fond of food but he left everything. Since 2012, I have seen him eating chole-bhature only once or twice. Significantly, 34-year-old Ishant Sharma played his last Test in November 2021, while in 2016 against Australia, he took part in the last ODI. Was. Ishant took 311 wickets in 105 Test matches while he took 115 wickets in 80 ODIs. He has 8 wickets in 14 T20 International matches.

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