Virat Kohli’s anger broke out on the umpire, there was a big ruckus on the middle ground about this. Hindi News

IND vs ENG: In the deciding Test match being played between India and England in Birmingham, one such dispute was seen, after which former Team India captain Virat Kohli clashed with the umpire on the middle ground. This incident is from the second day of the deciding test match being played in Birmingham.

Virat Kohli’s anger on the umpire

Actually, Virat Kohli was very upset with the umpire Aleem Dar, who was officiating in this match. It happened that in the fourth over of England’s first innings on the second day of the Birmingham Test match, Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami, taking his run-up, came close to the crease to release the ball, but then suddenly umpire Aleem Dar stopped him.

There was a big ruckus on the middle ground regarding this matter.

Although by then it was too late and he released the ball, but England batsman Jack Crowley immediately got away from the stumps. After this incident, Virat Kohli appeared furious at umpire Aleem Dar. Actually, Mohammed Shami could have been injured due to this action of the umpire.

The players started running towards the dressing room

The umpire called this ball a dead ball and all the players started running towards the dressing room. Virat Kohli was also seen interacting with the umpires on his way out of the field. Virat Kohli was even heard saying in the stump mic that “Hey, how can you stop the middle of the ball man..”

video going viral on social media

The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Let us tell you that umpire Aleem Dar had tried to stop Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami suddenly because he was ordered to stop the match due to rain. But, Kohli did not like this action of the umpire.

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