Vishwanathan Anand is happy to be a ‘mentor’ in Chess Olympiad, said – did not think about considering again


Chess Olympiad-2022 to be hosted by India for the first time
Anand said he has reduced his commitments in recent times
Viswanathan Anand said – I do not play wherever the tournament is organized

Chennai. India’s great chess player and 5-time world champion Viswanathan Anand is happy to be an ‘enthusiastic guide’. Despite handing over the hosting of Chess Olympiad-2022 from Russia to Chennai, he never thought of reconsidering his decision of not playing in this tournament.

52 years old Viswanathan Anand This time he decided not to participate in the tournament and he is guiding the Indian team in this prestigious tournament to be held in Mamallapuram from 28 July to 10 August. When asked if he thought of reconsidering his decision of not playing in the Olympiad, he said, ‘No… I haven’t. Wherever the tournament is organized, I do not play in it. In recent times I have reduced my commitments.

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He said, ‘I was not trying to qualify during the World Championship cycle. I didn’t think about changing my mind. India now has so many brilliant young players. Then why should we come back again and again and keep playing. I hope they will do very well.

Anand said, ‘I will try to be there, if they want to consult with me. Anyway, I am in constant touch with some of the team members. Yes, I am an enthusiastic guide. On his role as a mentor, India’s inaugural Grandmaster said, “I think the main thing is to keep reminding them not to feel pressured.” It is good to play in India. Taking pressure on yourself is not going to help.

Anand, who has trained youngsters like R Pragyananda, D Gukesh and Arjun Erigey, said he is enjoying the coaching role. Anand said that organizing a big competition like Olympiad will have a positive impact on chess in India.

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